As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhī wa barakātuh,

    Respected ‘Ulamā,

    Please see the statement with the signatories below. We pray Allah protects the Ummah from all Sharr and Fitan, those which are obvious and those that are hidden, Ameen. A PDF copy of the statement can be accessed here.

    Was Salaam,

    13 April, 2020 – 19 Sha’ban, 1441

    We the undersigned Imams, ʿUlamā, clergy and ministers of religion, serving in Canadian Masjids (mosques) and Islamic centers across the country agree to the below mentioned.

    In the Name of Allah. May Allah send Peace & Salutations upon Muḥammad

    We understand that the current crisis has made it impossible to congregate in our Masjids (mosques) due to social distancing laws put in place by our local authorities as advised by our health experts. We implore our congregants to adhere to these regulations. We advise our congregants to offer prayers at home with family members.

    Due to jurisprudence laws enshrined in the Qurʾān and prophetic traditions, physical presence in the same space with the imam leading, is required for formal ritual congregational prayers (ṣalah). For this reason, congregants may benefit from online lectures and spiritual sessions, however it would not be islamicaly permitted to follow an imam from homes, on a live or recorded broadcast for daily 5 ṣalahs, Friday Jumuʿah service, Tarāwīḥ and ʿEīd prayers. This is the ruling despite the current crises.

    Altering this ruling would require the consensus (Ijmāʾ) and collective agreement of known international Islamic jurists and leading Islamic institutions. This is the position of mainstream Canadian and international Islamic experts that we the undersigned also agree to.  

    We pray Allah, Almighty bring ease and relief to the world very soon, and that we return to our Masjids (mosques) in the near future.

    Sh M Qasim Ingar ~ Director, CCMT/Scarborough Muslim Association
    Sh Ayub Mamoon ~ Masjid Noor (Retired), Toronto
    Mufti Abdullah Mangera ~ Madinah Masjid, Toronto
    Sh Mustafa Patel ~ The Middle Path
    Sh Muhammad Nabil ~ Ajax, Durham
    Mufti Faisal Niazi ~ IlmHub Center / Darul Iftaa wal Irshad, Edmonton
    Sh Muhammad Patel ~ Red Deer Islamic Center, Alberta
    Sh Abdul Wahid Mamun ~ Ar Rashaad Centre, Brampton
    Sh Sufyan Sidat ~ Masjid Syyadina Omar Farookh
    Mufti Abdulhai Patel ~ GTA
    Sh Shakirahmed Pandor ~ Director, CCMT/Islamic Centre of Oshawa
    Sh Aref Varachhia ~ Sayyiduna Uthman Islamic Academy
    Sh Aejaz Patel ~ GTA
    Sh Wasiyullah Desai ~ Masjid Darul Iman Markham
    Mufti Yusuf Lulat ~ Al-Khalil Academy
    Sh Yasir Bobat ~ Jamiah Qasimul Uloom
    Sh Mohammed Nouman Dasu ~ Scarborough Muslim Association
    Sh Abubakar Mulla ~ Islamic Society of Kingston
    Sh Mohammed Badat ~ Islamic Society of Cumberland – Masjid Bilal – Ottawa
    Sh Hamza Wardak ~ Masjid al Jannah
    Mufti Shoaib Ingar ~ Scarborough Muslim Association
    Sh Imran Patel ~ Masjid Darus Salaam/Al Hikmah Foundation
    Sh Omar Subedar ~ Mathabah Institute/Bukhari Academy
    Sh Anver Malam ~ Jami Omar, Ottawa
    Sh Yusuf Badat ~ Mathabah Institute/Islamic Foundation of Toronto
    Sh Ismail Ulghar ~ Madinatul Uloom Academy
    Sh Mushtaq Shaikh ~ Masjid Bilal Muslim Association, Toronto
    Sh Junaid Jasat ~ Islamic Society of Richmond Hill / Masjid Dar us Salam
    Mufti Ismail Kotwal ~ Islamic Society of Toronto/ Khairul Ummah Academy
    Sh Arif Desai ~ Director, CCMT/Masjid Darul Iman Markham
    Sh Junaid Panchbhaya ~ Malton Masjid


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