The Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians (CCMT) prays for all individuals murdered, injured and affected by the senseless attacks at two mosques in New Zealand during Friday worship services earlier today. For Canadians, this horrendous crime brings back flashes of the horrific Quebec mosque shooting. We pray for the safety and peace of one and all.

    We applaud the efforts of the New Zealand government and authorities to arrest the perpetrators and bring those involved to justice.

    We call upon local, international governments and leaders to address the increase of hate and Islamophobia, gun control, misuse of social media and divisive rhetoric. This vice can only be challenged if we work together, as terrorism has no religion.

    The Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians continues to do its part in working with fellow Canadians to peacefully coexist in our communities and challenge all forms of bigotry and hate.

    We pray for peace and stability.


    Imam Shakir Pandor,
    Canadian Council of Muslims Theologians

    Contact:, (416) 981-3247


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